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Everyone I know can’t stand flying insects. Flies, Midges & Mosquitos are top 3 on the list and for good reason. They are a nuisance & spread viruses like Malaria, Ross River Fever & Dengue. Control of Flies, Midges, Mosquitos & other Flying Insects

Due to their habits & flying abilities flies are some of the hardest pests to manage. They breed in any sort of decomposing matter, making breeding sites readily available. There’s no magic wand that completely gets rid of flies! In fly control treatments what we seek is to provide instant relief to pest pressure, drastically diminish numbers & maintain a manageable level of control.

Consistency is Key.

Like all other pest treatments, regular visits are always better when it comes to flying insect control. Through regular visits we are able to identify breeding grounds & control upcoming generations.

Talking Business.

Every site we visit is unique. Which is why, we guarantee to create the most suitable pest management plan for your specific needs. Most times fly treatments start from $180.00 & provide you with up to 5 weeks protection.

Ridapest encourages you to book your flying insect control treatments along with one of other services giving you an opportunity to guarantee a discount.

Our Flying Insects Control Prices

Flying Insects Control Treatment & Inspection

  • Minimum Charge: $80 (includes FREE Proposal and Service Call-Out Fee)
  • Hourly Rate: $110 per hour. (capped at 2 hours)

Service Call-Out Fee: $80

  • Included in the minimum charge.
  • Covers the first 50km from Cairns.

Additional Distance Fee:

  • $0.86 per kilometre after the first 50km.

Note: Distance fee and call-out fee combined will not exceed $135.

Cooktown Residents Fixed call-out fee rate of $100

Mosquito Control Cairns

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Mosquito control in Cairns - What to Expect

All fly control treatments are performed by experienced, licensed and fully insured technicians. They will thoroughly inspect all areas of the property where flies could be congregating, breeding & feeding.
Once these areas are identified & localised; targeted application of baits, surface sprays, residual sprays will be applied accordingly.

For Longer Term Results

1: We recommend signing up to our maintenance program where we schedule monthly or bi-monthly visits at a fixed price.

2: Installation of non-chemical methods such as fly traps, metered insect sprays, UV light traps & screens are also strongly recommended.

Fly Control Cairns

Mosquito & midges Control Cairns

Midges, mosquitos & other biting insects are prolific in the tropics but with the aid of our exclusive Thermal Foggers & ULV (ultra low volume) misters we are able to provide the quickest & safest options for controlling a broad range of flying insects.

Thermal Fogging

Thermal Fogging treatments have NO residual effects & are best used in combination with other treatments . They consist of creating & applying a thick cloud of oil-based smoke impregnated with a pyrethrum-based product to achieve the rapid knockdown of any insects that may be present in that area at the time.
Most fogging treatments are done in the early or later hours of the day when pests like mosquitos & midges tend to be more active & beneficial insects like bees & butterflies are NOT foraging.

ULV ( Ultra Low Volume)

ULV Fogging treatments can deliver up to 3 months of residual effects & are best used in combination with other treatment options. These treatments involve application of Ultra Low volumes of product to all foliage & any other areas where insects may be present.
Most ULV treatments are done during the hotter hours of the day when all foliage is dry of dew & our products have time to dry.

For Longer Term Results

Regular maintenance is essential for anything to work properly. Things like keeping vegetation pruned, grass mowed, rubbish bins closed & emptying any pooling water from around the yard will help reduce & prevent further infestations.

Cairns Flying Insects Control

Cairns Pest Control

Why Choose Ridapest?

Fully Licensed & Insured!

Our operators are highly skilled with an attention to detail and undergo frequent training to maintain, update and refresh their knowledge.

Environmentally aware!

Our number one goal is to reduce environmental impact while providing you with effective treatments for all your pest requirements.

Quick, Effective & Safe Service!

Our services are completed on time, provide instant relief to pest pressure and a long lasting residual barrier to ensure your property is pest free year round. Most of our products are eco and pet friendly, quick drying, odorless and non-staining.

12 Month Warranty on Gold Packages.

We proudly offer a 12 month warranty on our Gold Packages, where we schedule visits at a fixed price to ensure your property remains pest free year round!

Competitive Pricing

We provide flat rate pricing, paperless and detailed quotes, invoices and reports as well as automated reminders of when your service is next due.

Interest Free Finance

Ridapest believes that pest control is an essential service & should be affordable to all. In order to provide you with the best pest control experience we offer an interest-free, in-house finance for our Silver & Gold Packages.
Ask us!

Interest Free Pest Control Cairns

Frequently Asked Questions

The tropical climate of Cairns is a magnet for various flying insects, including mosquitoes, flies, and moths. These pests can be a nuisance, spread diseases, and even damage property. Ridapest Termite & Pest Control provides effective solutions to keep flying insects at bay and protect the well-being of Cairns residents.

Ridapest Termite & Pest Control utilises an integrated approach. Depending on the specific flying insect species and the extent of the infestation, we employ treatments ranging from sprays, baits, and traps to insect light traps and fogging. Our strategies are designed for maximum effectiveness with minimal environmental impact.

Yes, our primary concern is the safety and health of our clients. All flying insect control products and techniques used by Ridapest Termite & Pest Control are vetted for their safety for humans, pets, and the broader environment. We provide clear guidelines and precautions to ensure everyone’s well-being during treatment.

Indeed, post-rain periods can lead to a surge in flying insect populations, especially mosquitoes that breed in stagnant water. It’s crucial to address this promptly to prevent potential health risks. Ridapest Termite & Pest Control can assist in evaluating and implementing effective control measures.

Keeping your property clean, eliminating stagnant water sources, and ensuring proper waste management can help. Using insect screens on windows and doors and maintaining proper outdoor lighting can also deter flying insects. For a comprehensive approach, consider consulting with Ridapest Termite & Pest Control for tailored preventive strategies.

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