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Pest management is essential for homes and businesses throughout Cairns South, including surrounding suburbs like Bayview Heights, Gordonvale, and White Rock. Ridapest’s Pest Control services in Cairns South focus on protecting you from harmful pests that can impact your well-being and financial standing. These nuisances, such as cockroaches and termites, not only contaminate food but also cause structural damage, especially near popular attractions like the Cairns Botanic Gardens and the Cairns Golf Course.

We specialise in combating common pests in Cairns South, including ants, rodents, and mosquitoes, which can spread illnesses and trigger allergies. Utilising tried-and-true Pest Management Techniques tailored for Cairns South residents and business owners, we directly address these challenges.

Annual pest assessments in Cairns South are crucial, especially with yearly events like the Cairns Show, which can attract undesirable critters. Our skilled Cairns South Pest Control team employs safe, efficient methods to eradicate pests from your property. Innovative techniques such as bait stations, traps, and environmentally-friendly chemicals guarantee effective pest control while being eco-sensitive.

Choosing Ridapest ensures your Cairns South property remains free from damaging pests. We offer more than just immediate solutions; we also provide expert advice on preventative measures, such as Termite Barriers, to thwart future infestations. Count on us to keep your Cairns South home or business pest-free.

In Cairns South, we offer the following pest control services:


We offer transparent pricing and a variety of options for safely and effectively eradicating pests from your property. Our aim is to deliver top-quality pest control services in Cairns South that meet all your needs. Choose Ridapest for unparalleled pest control strategies and the most comprehensive services in the Cairns South region.

Termite Control

Termite Inspection

starting from $210

Effective termite control in Cairns South. Our expert team offers comprehensive solutions to safeguard your property. From inspections to treatments, we guarantee a termite-free home. Rely on us for peace of mind.

Termite Inspection
Ant Control

Ant Control

starting from $80

Say farewell to ant infestations. Our professional ant control services in Cairns South provide effective solutions for your home. We eliminate ants and establish preventative measures to ensure they stay away. Embrace ant-free living now.

Ant Control
Cockroach Control

Cockroach Control

starting from $80

Exterminate cockroaches with our top-notch cockroach control services in Cairns South. Our skilled team promptly addresses infestations, employing targeted treatments and preventive measures to guarantee a roach-free setting. Bid farewell to unwelcome visitors.

Cockroach Control
Rodent and Rat Control

Rat Control

starting from $80

Eliminate Rats in Cairns South with our dependable rodent control services. Our skilled technicians utilise efficient trapping, baiting, sealing, and prevention techniques to protect your property from unwelcome furry intruders. Bid farewell to rodent issues now.

Rat Control

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We specialize in the detection, eradication, and prevention of termites.

We specialize in detecting, eliminating, and preventing termites. Ridapest, your reliable ally for pest control in Cairns South. Our comprehensive services handle a variety of pests, ensuring a pest-free setting for your Cairns South home or business. We concentrate on locating, removing, and averting pests to provide top-tier pest management solutions.

Termite Inspection:
Defend your property from termite-related damage with our expert termite control services in Cairns South. Our experienced team uses cutting-edge detection, eradication, and preventative methods for enduring protection against these wood-devouring insects.

Ant Control:
Prevent ant infestations from plaguing your home. Our customized ant control solutions in Cairns South deploy validated methods to eliminate ants and implement preventive measures to prevent their comeback.

Cockroach Control:
Wipe out cockroaches through our highly-rated cockroach control services in Cairns South. Our adept technicians utilize specialized treatments and preventative measures for a roach-free setting.

Rodent Control:
Fend off rats and mice using our dependable rodent control services in Cairns South. Our experts employ trapping, sealing, and preventive plans to guard your property against these unwanted rodents.

Bed Bug Control:
Rest easy without bed bugs. Our specialists excel in bed bug management in Cairns South, employing effective methods to exterminate these irritants and create a bed bug-free zone.

Mosquito Control:
Enjoy a mosquito-free existence with our focused mosquito control strategies in Cairns South. We address mosquito problems at the root, applying proven methods to limit breeding grounds and ensure a comfortable, bite-free environment.

Wasp & Bee Removal:
Safeguard your property from stinging pests. Our pros manage wasps and bees cautiously, securely removing hives and nests while putting in place deterrents to dissuade their return.

Flea Control:
Bid farewell to troublesome fleas with our reliable flea control services in Cairns South. We employ targeted treatments to eradicate fleas, letting you and your pets enjoy a flea-free living space again.

In addition to these specialized services, our Gold Package offers complete pest control in Cairns South. Comprising three visits, our skilled team handles a broad range of pests, safeguarding your property from infestations throughout the year. Trust our professionals for efficient and dependable pest control methods tailored to your needs.

For extensive and lasting pest control, opt for our Gold Package. At a one-time fee of $420, valid for one year, receive thorough pest management services, providing tranquility and securing your premises from unwanted pests.
Choose Pest Control Cairns South for competent, trustworthy, and effective pest control services. With our expertise in pest analysis, identification, removal, prevention, and management, we promise to deliver the most comprehensive pest control solutions in Cairns South. Contact us today to eradicate pests and assure a pest-free environment for your residence or business.

Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control

starting from $80

Dealing with bed bug infestations? Our expert bed bug control services in Cairns South provide rapid relief. We utilise effective techniques to eliminate bed bugs, guaranteeing a serene and restful sleep. Reclaim your bed bug-free haven.

Bed Bug Control
Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

starting from $80

Experience mosquito-free living in Cairns South with our comprehensive mosquito control services. Our skilled professionals utilise effective techniques to eradicate breeding grounds and implement preventive measures, ensuring a comfortable and bite-free atmosphere.

Mosquito Control
Wasp Control

Wasp & Bee Control

starting from $80

Experience secure and effective wasp and bee control services in the Cairns South. Our knowledgeable professionals handle nests and hives with great care, ensuring the protection of your property from stinging insects. Depend on us for efficient elimination and prevention strategies. Embrace a life without buzzing nuisances today.

Wasp & Bee Removal
Flea Control

Flea Control

starting from $80

Say goodbye to fleas with our reliable flea control services in Cairns South. Our expert team utilises precise methods to eliminate fleas from your home, ensuring a comfortable and itch-free environment for both you and your beloved pets. Experience the joy of living without fleas today.

Flea Control
Ridapest Pest Control

Gold Package

starting from $420 a year

Discover our Gold Package, delivering all-inclusive pest control services in Cairns South. With 3 scheduled visits, we tackle a wide range of pests, ensuring a property free from infestations. Depend on our expert team for reliable and effective pest management solutions.

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Ridapest Pest Control

Silver Package

starting from $365 a year

Choose our Silver Package, tailored for convenient pest control in Cairns South. From as little as $1.00/day! this package delivers thorough pest management, guaranteeing enduring tranquillity. Bid farewell to pests today and embrace a pest-free environment.

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Providing the Best Pest Control Services in Cairns South


Ridapest Pest Control is a family owned and operated business.

Established in 2021, servicing from Cairns and the Atherton Tablelands to Cooktown & Cape York. In July of 2022, we acquired Cape York Pest Control based in Cooktown, extending our service area further to Weipa and surrounds.

Reducing environmental impact while providing you with long-term results and gold standard customer service is our number one goal. That’s why we have developed treatment techniques, utilizing the most advanced equipment and products.

Specialists in identifying and targeting pests with specific baits and products to their harborage and transit areas, reducing pesticide use and ensuring that you and your loved ones are not directly exposed.

We take no shortcuts and offer a free service period for all of our services.

That’s right, if the pests come back, so do we for free!

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Cairns South Pest Control

Why Choose Ridapest?

Fully Licensed & Insured!

Our operators are highly skilled with an attention to detail and undergo frequent training to maintain, update and refresh their knowledge.

Environmentally aware!

Our number one goal is to reduce environmental impact while providing you with effective treatments for all your pest requirements.

Quick, Effective & Safe Service!

Our services are completed on time, provide instant relief to pest pressure and a long lasting residual barrier to ensure your property is pest free year round. Most of our products are eco and pet friendly, quick drying, odorless and non-staining.

12 Month Warranty on Gold Packages.

We proudly offer a 12 month warranty on our Gold Packages, where we schedule visits at a fixed price to ensure your property remains pest free year round!

Competitive Pricing

We provide flat rate pricing, paperless and detailed quotes, invoices and reports as well as automated reminders of when your service is next due.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ridapest Termite & Pest Control offers a comprehensive range of pest control services in Cairns South. Our services include cockroach control, ant control, spider control, termite inspection and control, flea control, bedbug control, rodent control, flying insect control, wasp control, silverfish control, bed bug control, mosquito control, and more. We have transparent pricing and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Annual pest inspections are crucial in Cairns South due to the presence of various pests that can cause harm to your property and health. Events like the Cairns Show can attract pests, and with the lush environment of Cairns, it’s essential to ensure your property remains pest-free. Annual inspections help detect and prevent infestations, ensuring the safety of your home or business.

At Ridapest, we prioritise safety and environmental responsibility. We use safe and eco-friendly chemicals that are effective in pest control while minimising harm to the environment. Our technicians are highly trained to apply treatments safely, and we take measures to protect residents, including pets, during and after the treatment.

Ridapest is your trusted partner for pest management in Cairns South. We offer not only immediate solutions but also expert advice on preventative measures, such as Termite Barriers, to prevent future infestations. Our comprehensive services, transparent pricing, and commitment to environmental responsibility make us the top choice for pest control in the region.

Ridapest specializes in detecting, eliminating, and preventing termites. Our termite control services in Cairns South are comprehensive, using cutting-edge detection, eradication, and prevention methods. We focus on targeted treatments and precise baiting to reduce pesticide use and ensure long-lasting protection for your property. Our 12-month warranty on Gold Packages ensures peace of mind for our customers.